Felix Von Krowser


Dramatic Actions

1) Swing from Rafters, over Stage & Audience, let go, flipped and landed by exit. (Swinging 42).
2) Fired at Montagnian Patrol Ship Rudder Chain and hit (Shooting 50).
3) Took out 1 Gargoyle with crossbow (Crossbow[Attack] 52).
4) Grappled crossbow into Siren (Crossbow[damage] 44).
5) Crossbow bolt to tentacle creature body (45).
6) Arc Grapple Crossbow shot over force field and onto his head (62).

  • Wounds
    – Flesh Wounds: 6
    – Dramatic Wounds: 2


  • Reginal Coleson: Explorer, Member of explorers society. He offered large reward if he could study both compasses together. Meet to Heilgrund.

Felix Von Krowser

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