Eloise du Lac

A slim & curvy 5'4'' with tangled, golden blonde hair, clear blue eyes and dimples.

Nationality: Montaigne Hubris: Starcrossed
Membership: Musketeers Virtue: Passionate
Experience: 93/93 Reputation: 39


Brawn 3 Resolve 3
Finesse 3 Panache 3
Wits 3


Academy Lightning Reflexes
Appearance: Blessed Speciality: Riposte
Dangerous Beauty Sidhe Blood: Child of the Earth, Gifts, Iron Vulnerability
Legendary Trait: Panache


True Identity: 2


Montaignian (north)’ (y), Avalonian’ (y), Castillian’’, Vodacce’’

‘fluent ’’pidgin


Athlete Commander Heavy Weapon Rider
Break Fall Strategy 1 Attack(Heavy Weapon) 1 Animal Training
Climbing 2 Tactics 1 Parry(Heavy Weapon) 1 Mounting
Footwork 3 Ride 2
Leaping Fencing Firearms Trick Riding
Lifting Attack(Fencing) 3 Attack(Firearms) 3
Long Distance Parry(Fencing) 2 Reload(Firearms)
Sprinting 1 Knife
Swimming Attack(Knife) 1
Swinging Parry(Knife) 3
Throwing 1 Throw(Knife)
Courtier Hunter Sailor Streetwise
Dancing 1 Ambush Balance 1 Scrounging
Diplomacy Animal Training Cartography Shopping
Etiquette 1 Fishing Climbing 2 Socializing 1
Fashion 1 Skinning Knotwork 1 Street Navigation 1
Gaming Stealth 1 Leaping Underworld Lore
Gossip Survival 1 Navigation
Lip Reading Tracking 1 Pilot
Mooch Trail Signs Rigging 1
Oratory 1 Traps Sea Lore
Politics 1 Swimming
Scheming Weather

Sorcery/Swordsman Schools

Scry(male) Rois & Reines Valroux
Agility 5 Beat(Heavy Weapon) Double-parry(Fencing/Knife)
Perception 3 Lunge(Heavy Weapon) Feint(Fencing)
Speed 3 Pommel Strike Tagging(Fencing)
Stamina 3 Exploit Weakness(Rois & Reines) Exploit Weakness(Valroux)
Strength 3 Riposte 3
  1. Character gen. and introduction.
  2. A forgotten Vodacce palace is exposed by a land slide revealing more of a cliff face to the sea. Will the characters get in to loot the place before the unstable ground tips them, palace and all into the waters? Started in Paix.
  3. The Musketeer captain asks his agent to undertake an unknown mission for a member of the Royal family who provides us with a magical compass linked to one worn by general Montegue. With her companions from the Vodacce caper they set out, from Charouse bearing a secret missive. Other musketeers try to obstruct their way and arrest or kill them. Making the river the party charter a river boat heading for Eisen (an explorer, Reginald Coleson arranges the ship and offers a reward if he gets to examine both compasses). A river monster enlivens the journey.
  4. After repairing the boat a Montaigne patrol ship must be fought off and then on to Eisen, where the incessant wars make travel difficult and push the party to travel through the edges of the Schwartzenwald.
  5. A local woodsman agrees to guide us around the edge of this cursed forest. We have some difficulty and a ripping riddle game when it turns out he’s yet another monster after our souls.
  6. On the other side of the Wald we have to cross the great Südlache where we see boatloads of refugees, a minor case of petty thievery is satisfactorily resolved.
  7. We make good time crossing Eisen, musketeers hard on our heels. They almost catch us when we stop to help a farming village contain a house fire from burning the village.
  8. The compass guides us but we have to find our way through the Drachen Berge. On the other side we face weather gone mad, Winter has struck out of season and the land itself fights our advance. When we discuss our plans and the missive calling Montegue home the weather suddenly changes to our advantage and we are almost ushered to the general’s camp. The musketeers chasing us almost catch us, but with the bizarre helpfulness of the land we drive them off, their captain helpless in his frustrated anger.
  9. The general accepts the missive and thanks us for bringing it to him, declaring his intent to turn his army home. Overhead the weather breaks and summer returns. A flash of light gives no warning as a hand reaches out and snatches the general’s compass, pair of the one I carry. A vision rushes over me… I see a man with an expression of unparalleled cruelty surrounded by wild jungle, dressed as an explorer he stands by a large metal box with an indentation that matches the compass exactly. In one hand he holds Montegue’s artifact as he gazes maliciously at me. I think: “He’s going to open the box.”
  10. With the general’s blessing, and new travel papers, we set out, heading for Heilgrund to seek out Coleson. Once there we find him visiting with the Eisenfürster. After we inform him of what’s happened with the compasses he introduces us to the Eisenfürster with whom we negotiate funding us on an exploration journey to the jungles of the southern isles.
  11. Study of the compass shows that it matches an aesthetic of artefacts found in the Midnight archipelago. The carved writings on it however, do not match anything found before. It seems likely that the artefact originates from the only island in that part of the archipelago that remains unvisited. The reason for which is that its owner, a Montaigne noble of great decadence, keeps it clear of visitors so that he can Porte in monsters to this isolated fief and hold hunting parties with the social elite.
  12. It is decided that the best way to reach the island is to charter a ship and crew that would be wiling to slip past the naval patrols of the Montaigne navy. The explorers society presenting the best opportunity for such we head over to the nearest chapter house, found in Freiburg. Once there Coleson shows another side to his character by asking where the infamous Captain Berek is to be found as he feels that Berek would be willing to take us on such a journey. We leave the chapter house for the docks and are ambushed on the way by someone wearing Vaticine robes under a cloak and his brutes. He demands that we hand over the compass and any other ‘weapons of Legion’ in our possession.
  13. We find Berek in Carleon, after some flirtatious teasing, playing on Berek’s fondness for showing off at the expense of powerful enemies (in this case, the Montaigne Navy) and Coleson calling in some mysterious favour the Captain agrees to take us. But first he must arrange for a new ship as the Black Dawn is in drydock. We go to the Explorer’s Guild main chapter house where we see a painting of some Syrneth ruins on the Vodacce mainland, along the bottom of the picture is an inscription that perfectly matches the writings on our compass. Coleson requests permission to explore the site but is turned down by the Guild. Despite this Coleson and we agree to part ways; he to travel to the site in Vodacce, we to go with Berek.
  14. Aboard the Hurricane we make west, Eloise falling for Berek’s charm and spending much of her evenings in his cabin. The ship shakes violently and after a second shock starts to list, the captain calls “Reef!”, the carpenter rushes below. An eerie, yet melodious singing picks up heralding the arrival of Sirens, moments later, a little away from the ship, three sirens break the water holding the carpenter between them which they promptly tear apart. Berek calls for another carpenter “…lest they get us all!”.
    Down in the hold a large hole is letting the sirens in, the party, sent by Berek, struggle to turn them away whilst the crew fixed the hole. Crew 4, Sirens 0.
  15. A Vendel whaler is sighted as it closes in for the finish of a pair of whales. We watch as the sailors start to cut their catch open when a dark shadow forms beneath their longboats and the Leviathan rises, smashing one of the craft and swallowing the other whole. The whaler…
  16. A Sidhe storm comes up and engulfs the Hurricane…
  17. Fifteen Montaigne frigates guard l’Isle du Bete…
  18. We seduce the captain of one of the patrol ships by assuming the persona of a Montaigne noblewoman and her retinue desiring to enjoy a hunting holiday on the island.
  19. On the island we overnight in a hunting lodge which we sneak out a little before dawn.
  20. We defeated the sinister Montaigne noble by going over his impenetrable force barrier.
  21. On return to Carleon we find out that Carson has disappeared whilst investigating the Syrneth ruin depicted in the tapestry the same location that the Ile de la Bete helped reveal the importance of. The likely culprit is the Vodacce prince Caligari. We board the Hurricane again to make our way towards Vodacce stopping on the way to find a Castillian professor known for his geography (Miguel Olivarez) so that we can ask him to help us narrow down the possible location of the ruin since our current information put it in a large, 30 mile on a side, bog.
  22. Alas the professor has fled his home so we must go to the Castillian capital to try and find him.
  23. Before we could depart a team of Vesten, those we witnessed performing the sacred Rune inscription ritual, intercept us in an alleyway to request our assistance in reclaiming a runic relic currently in the hands of a Castillian officer in this town. They offered to help us in return.
  24. The current state of war has put the military on high alert. An attempt to sneak in for an assessment of the officer’s home demonstrates that the party is only half capable of sneaking past the four checkpoints.
  25. Back at the inn for some planning. Ruy Garcia de Barcino suggests dusting Soni Eriksson with gunpowder to make him seem more ghostly, then hang him from our officer’s roof claiming to be a Vesten ghost there to take back the rune stones of his people.
  26. Shockingly a variation of this plan worked. After the party split, those without stealth trecking through the sewers and those with going over the rooftops. Coated with dirt and dust Soni was hung outside the officer’s bedroom and smashed the window with lightning then swung in declaiming “Jae er El Vago!”. With a combination of luck and insanity Soni cowed the officer into handing over the runes. We beat a hasty retreat back to the inn.
  27. On the return of the runes the Vesten provided us with a rune-crafted item which would help us avoid trouble on our way to San Cristobal.
  28. Crossing back overy into occupied Castille we find a ship willing to take us to San Cristobal.
  29. Once in San Cristobal we check in to an inn to plan, after trying one or two other establishments out first.
  30. The next step is to find the cartographer, as an academic he has hopefully gone to the university which in this city is by the cathedral. We head over there.
  31. After struggling our way through the University maze we find the professor who, after the letter of introduction, agreed to give us the information in return for us taking a banned book to Vodacce with us for publication.
  32. After a brief contre-temp with a couple of inquisition mooks we leave for Vodacce.
  33. Once in Vodacce we rescue a fate witch from a tumble into the canals. Her husband felt his honour was threatened and dueled Ruy Garcia de Barcino, backing down upon his defeat.
  34. We deliver the professor’s book and try to track down what happened to Mr. Coulson and are informed that prince Caligari is definitely involved and is seeking immortality at any price. The explorers’ society leader from Eisen dropped in to inform us of the details, rather begrudgingly.
  35. Seeking a way to the mainland we are interrupted by an invitation to lunch from a member of the Caligari family…
  36. Our host’s threats are interrupted by the arrival of Giovanni Villanova and our host’s subsequent death.
  37. Giovanni seems genial and only partially interested in our quest, probably a facade… He asks us to clear his uninvited infestation of Caligari from his island.
  38. After some consideration we conclude that the Caligari are only on Villanova’s island because of the urgency of their Princes interest in Coulson’s work. Since Coulson is gone they will be pursuing us so we decide to let them follow, hoping to deal with them later.
  39. We sail to the mainland, passing Il Muro on the way.
  40. On the road we are met by a fine carriage bearing the arms of the seven princes. One of the occupants, possibly a courtesan, asks us to take her and her companions, two fate witches, place to deceive some pursuers on their tail. A short while after we agree, having swapped outfits with the ladies, a small group attack us when we stop to let a peasant pass. They are driven away easily.
  41. We take the carriages horses into the swamp with us, kitting up with the supplies we bought in preparation for this venture when in San Cristobal.
  42. The directions received from professor Olivarez take us through the swamps with great efficiency. Bar facing a creepy tentacled aquatic monster we make it to the ruins, very well hidden, without losing anybody.
  43. In the ruin we find an archaelogical team working who have cleared a large mozaic of Syrneth design, not depicting any intelligible images or patterns.
  44. They tell us that Mr. Coulson is below in the ruins.
  45. Down below Coulson is examining a Syrneth machine that hums with power, the ceiling above marked with a beautiful depiction of the night sky expected that night.

Eloise du Lac

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